Custom Bike Frames

Creation of Dave Yates Cycles workshop

We moved to our workshop in August 2005. The building was unused and in need of major repair and refurbishment. As soon as planning permission was granted we set about the transformation.....




This is how the workshop looked on the estate agent's details in January 2005. The building was originally built in the 1960's as a potato store.


Access was one of the first things that needed to be improved


The interior needed quite a bit of work too!


DANGER Man at work!
Dave starts to make a doorway through
to what will become the new paintshop


Work on the foundations for the extension
started early September.


Jcb1.jpg (77526 bytes)


digging.JPG (88094 bytes)


pouring.JPG (82419 bytes)


levelling.jpg (96665 bytes)



slab.JPG (85488 bytes)

Up to DPC height and awaiting
Building Control inspection.



trencher.JPG (98241 bytes)

Dave digging the trench for the electricity supply

duggie_insp.JPG (104832 bytes)

Duggie making sure he's done it right!


Keeping it in the family, Wally Goose & Molly Gander checking out the new access road!



drive.JPG (97211 bytes)



site.JPG (67842 bytes)

Still very much a building site......



brickwork.JPG (64186 bytes)

.....but making good progress!


extension.JPG (47026 bytes)

The extension up to wall plate height


roof1.JPG (86270 bytes) roof2.JPG (74654 bytes)

Roof trusses in place (eventually!)

The roof was a real team effort...........

geese.JPG (88123 bytes)

The geese making sure the battens are cut to the right length

DYroof.JPG (42448 bytes)

Dave fastening down the battens


DHtiling.JPG (47709 bytes)

Debbie out on the tiles
(on her birthday!)


roofdone.JPG (52334 bytes)

The roof finished - not bad for a pair of amateurs!


extension_1.JPG (59139 bytes)


Weatherproof and ready to be fitted out internally



                inside_1.JPG (67874 bytes)



              inside.JPG (53902 bytes)

It's even starting to look like a workshop inside!


After 4 months hard labour, can you spot the differences below..................?

September 2005

January 2006


September 2005

January 2006


Shotblaster cabinet complete


and storekeepers on duty!!


At the end of February we started the last major construction work - creating a hardstanding area in front of the workshop:


Boys and their toys!

Dave hard at work!


Girls and their toys!


Debbie hard at work!


Our usual helper/supervisor was on hand too to lend a paw:


Did someone mention work?


But I can't use a spade!


I just use my paws!



hardst_dh1.JPG (62820 bytes)

Debbie levelling


hardst_dy.JPG (73060 bytes)

Dave tamping


hardst_dh.JPG (78745 bytes)

Debbie stuck, so Dave grabs the camera!


hard standing_1.JPG (59921 bytes)

The hardstanding completed, again, not bad for a pair of amateurs!


The last major renovation work required was the creation of a paintshop. The allocated space had become something of a 'junk' store.

paintshop.JPG (34826 bytes)


As you have probably come to expect now, it was another team effort.......


Booth1.JPG (52682 bytes)

Are you going to help?

Booth2.JPG (59392 bytes)

No, I'm going to sleep

Booth.JPG (56115 bytes)

If he chews your nose I'll help!


Booth3.JPG (45715 bytes)

Duggie trying the paintbooth for size

booth_1.JPG (45571 bytes)

and ready for that first frame!